Our Services

CCS provides support to more than 500 consumers in Maricopa, Pinal, Pima and Coconino counties and has over 500 highly qualified Direct Support Providers. Our well-trained and educated DSPs are able to provide the following services:


Habilitation enhances skills in the areas of self-care, home-living, community use, communication, social, health, safety, leisure, self-direction, and functional academics. Our DSP will listen to choices made by you and your family member/guardian in determining what outcomes and objectives (goals) will meet your expectations. Our DSP will utilize your Individual Support Plan and your expressed expectations to develop habilitation objectives and outcomes directed at realizing your personal goals. These services can be provided in the community, in your home or in the home of the DSP (if certified).



Respite services are designed to provide relief for the primary caregiver. This service provides for short-term care and supervision in accordance with the person's Individual Support Plan. This service can be provided in the community, in the consumer's home or in the home of the DSP (if certified).

Attendant Care

Attendant care is designed to ensure a level of self-reliance which has already been established. The focus of attendant care is to maintain a healthy and safe environment and respond to your personal care needs. This service is based on your specific needs, as identified in the Individual Support Plan and an Attendant Care Agreement.

House Keeping

Housekeeping services are in place to ensure a safe and healthy home environment exists for the consumer. Like attendant care, housekeeping agreements outline those tasks that are to be performed by the provider on a daily/weekly basis.