Teaching Resources

On-Line Resources

The following websites provide useful teaching tools, including task charts, worksheets and activities. These sites provide fun visuals and can be used as aids when developing behaviors, reinforcing academic skills and applying teaching strategies.

The following websites provide detailed and useful information for families and providers regarding how to care for, understand and support individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The following websites provide resources for support groups and social activities for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Teacher tools

Find teacher-created worksheets, lesson plans, puzzles, and more helpful resources here.

  • iKnowthat.com
    http://www.iknowthat.com - Find a variety of subjects with lesson plans, interactive games, and puzzles for pre-K to 6th grade kids. Activities and subjects are based on state standards. Subscriptions are available for a reasonable price.

  • EdHelper.com
    http://www.edhelper.com - Find activities, flash cards, and lesson plans for pre-K to 6th grade students at this site, a favorite among teachers. Paid registration required, but the content is well worth it.

  • History Matters
    http://www.historymatters.gmu.edu - History teachers will find great activities and lesson plans for American history. Well-cited sources and in-depth exercises for students are available.

  • ReadWriteThink.org
    http://www.readwritethink.org - This site, sponsored by the International Reading Association, promotes lifetime reading. Choose from hundreds of standards-based free lesson plans. Find the perfect one for your classroom.

  • 19Pencils
    http://www.19pencils.com - This site allows teachers to discover, manage, and share content, educational sites, quizzes, and more. You can use it for everything from tracking student comprehension to creating a class web site. Sign up for a free account.

  • Best of History Websites
    http://www.besthistorysites.net - Targeted for teachers, this site offers history lesson plans, activities, games, quizzes, teacher guides, and other resources for grades K-12. Users will find it easy to navigate their wide variety of topics.